Mountains, California

Picture of california mountain landscape, USA
Mountains, California, USA

On our trip between Nevada and California, we rarely got to glimpse the landscape without the ever-present power lines, but every so often, the landscape got a chance to shine on its own.

(If you are new to Journey Photographic, you can see the pictures of the Power Lines series here)

ETA:  My internet is being very temperamental at the moment – I can still post, but loading blogs with lots of pictures is not working right now, so if I’m not commenting much on your blogs at the moment, it’s nothing personal!  Regular commenting will be resumed when the internet starts to behave.

39 thoughts on “Mountains, California

  1. I love looking at mountian ranges and how they are separated by the lighting, from dark in front and dark further away, just the opposite of what I would presume. Great shot!!

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