Punting (II), Cambridge

Picture of couple, lady and dog punting in Cambridge, England

Punting (II), Cambridge

While on our leisurely punting adventure in Cambridge, we passed this odd group in their own punt.   The dog at the front seemed enthralled by the experience, which I suppose is fair enough – he probably doesn’t go on walks like this often!

47 thoughts on “Punting (II), Cambridge

  1. Cambridge is a lovely place. I like this beautiful English city middle schools of which have magnificent architecture and I had the pleasure to walk me on souvenir Cam in boat….

  2. The colors in this are luscious and the subtle touch with which you rendered them is instructional. I especially like the sense of together, but separate in terms of the occupants of the punt and this is a feast of textures. I keep going back to spend time here.

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