Walls of Avila, Spain

Black and white picture of clouds over the medieval walls of Avila, Spain

Walls of Avila, Spain

The city of Avila, Spain, is justly famous for its wonderfully preserved medieval walls. The walls have a perimeter of approximately 2.5km, with 88 towers and around 2500 merlons (those would be the castle-y bits sticking up along the top of the walls and towers, for those not up on their medieval architecture lingo).

57 thoughts on “Walls of Avila, Spain

  1. Way back, we had children’s encyclopedias. The picture in it were also b&w, with something sketch-like about them. This picture reminds me a lot of those pictures in it’s rendering. Great with the dramatic sky as well.

  2. I find it interesting that the clouds and the castle could not be more different in so many ways; yet, there are similarities. The clouds—heavy, towering, and formidable—balance perfectly the solid fortress. It must be quite an experience to stand down there looking at those walls full of history. I am pretty much addicted to color, but a picture like this one makes me wonder if I shouldn’t break out of my habits. beautifully done.

    • Thanks Anita! Getting the balance between the elements in this shot was tricky, so I’m happy you think it works. And that’s one of the great things about digital – you can take the photo now and decide later if you want to see it in black and white 🙂

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