Looking Down, USA

Picture from 30,000ft looking down through clouds to town below, USA

Looking Down, USA (View from 30,000ft)

One of the reasons for my recent silence is that I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on planes.  Most of the time, this doesn’t result in anything of particular photographic interest, but every so often, everything comes together.  This week, I had one of those flights.  I don’t know where this town is – somewhere between Phoenix and LA.

(See more pictures of the View from 30,000ft series on Journey Photographic here)

54 thoughts on “Looking Down, USA

  1. I feel as though I might be hurtling back into the atmosphere in the last Space shuttle, JP. I was too exhausted and lazy to get my camera out of the overhead compartment on Friday after a long haul flight, and missed some amazing cloudscapes unfortunately, so this wonderful earial frame compensates for my failings.

    Love the clouds and details captured, and the shot makes me want to get back up there again. A very cool frame.

  2. Gorgeous photo!
    Window seats are a MUST!! I love looking down and mentally mapping what I see so that I can retrace routes afterwards. I often struggle with some strange polarisation effects though – making some shots look as though I’m in the middle of a rainbow 🙂

    • Thanks Lu! It’s especially challenging when you are flying over an area/country you don’t know well – you see all this great stuff you’d love to go and see, if only you knew where it was!

      Oh yes, I know the effects you mean. It wasn’t that bad in this shot, but I have a few suspiciously rainbow-coloured ones that I’m going to have to figure out how/if to fix.

  3. Great shot! I’ve never been on a plane, I always thought you wouldn’t be able to see much from it, as it is too high and clouds are in the way and what not. I think, not seeing anything would be better than seeing something like this (I’m mortally afraid of heights, heh), but the photo is wonderful.

    • Thanks Milena! I’m very afraid of heights too, but for some reason planes don’t bother me. Weird, I know. Sometimes you can’t see anything, but sometimes you can see everything – it just depends on the day and the weather.

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