Gates and Guard, Buckingham Palace, London

Picture of the lock and guard on the gates of Buckingham Palace, London

Gates and Guard, Buckingham Palace, London

The  locks on the gates of Buckingham Palace may be impressively large, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion they are just for show, unlike the soldier, a member of the Queen’s Guard.   Up until 1959, the guards at Buckingham Palace were stationed outside the fence, until a Guardsman, feed up with pestering from tourists, kicked one of them on the ankle.

Perhaps we should be glad they are inside the fence now, even if it makes it more difficult to get a picture!

(See more pictures from Buckingham Palace on Journey Photographic here)

35 thoughts on “Gates and Guard, Buckingham Palace, London

  1. Wow, I wonder if said guardsman got into trouble for kicking a tourist. Aren’t they supposed to be unflappable? And gosh those are ornate locks, Love the craftsmanship that went into something so mundane.

  2. I particularly like how you’ve focused on the amazing details in the foreground (that patina is wonderful)…
    and included just enough information / background to provide context – I think your creative use of D.O.F. works in the best possible way here… very interesting – nicely done! 🙂

  3. If you think the locks are fake, does that mean they are welded shut? [heh, heh]. I like this picture with the guardsman in the background – sort of reverse of the normal picture.

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