Back Alley Roofs, Hong Kong

Picture of lean-to roofs in a back alley, Central, Hong Kong

Back Alley Roofs, Central, Hong Kong

Steam from a small kitchen rises through the gaps in the roofs of the lean-tos that fill this small back alley in Central, Hong Kong.

(See more pictures of Hong Kong on Journey Photographic here)

58 thoughts on “Back Alley Roofs, Hong Kong

  1. Sooo many great elements herre…the steam (and yes, the mind conjures up wonderful aromas), the layering of the awnings with the buildings, the soft tones that so give a sense of early morning. Wonderfully done!

  2. You’ve captured that atmosphere wonderfully, your image transports me into that little alley and I can feel all that steam. I especially love the composition, the lines and angles give it an almost abstract feel. Bravo!

  3. Love the pictures of Hong Kong. Great atmosphere, it reminds me of the sticky days by the harbor, the steam rising from the back of the buildings in Stanley…….awesome!

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