Court of the Myrtles, the Alhambra

Picture of the North Gallery of the Court of the Myrtles, the Alhambra, Granada, Spain

North Gallery, Court of the Myrtles, the Alhambra, Spain

Given I keep getting snowed under by work and other commitments, I’ve decided to switch to a new posting schedule here on Journey Photographic.  From now on, expect new posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, along with a special post on the weekends. I also have one or two other projects I’ve been working on that I should be able to post about on here soon. Stay tuned!

(See more pictures from the Alhambra on Journey Photographic here).

48 thoughts on “Court of the Myrtles, the Alhambra

  1. That filigree detail is exquisite. You will have me thinking wistfully about days long gone – that as a woman, i probably wouldn’t have wanted to exist in anyways. But gotta appreciate the scale of what must have gone into creating a single corner panel for such an entrance (nevermind the rest of the building).

    • It’s so easy, looking at architecture and details like this, to get wrapped up in the romanticism of times (and civilisations) gone by, but you’re right – as much as I admire their craftsmanship, I would not have liked to with the restrictions in their society.

  2. One of my favorite places. Sounds exiting what is going on your life…or is it!! We will wait:)
    I’m back to my boring life in Finland, I’m already missing Amsterdam and we will go back to Netherlands next spring for a month…I hope.

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