Face in the Crowd, Covent Garden, London

Black and white picture of a face in a crowd, Covent Garden, London

Face in a crowd, Covent Garden, London

When I’m in London, I try to make a point of visiting Covent Garden to photograph the world-class buskers, but on this occasion it was the crowds that caught my attention.  While I was trying to get a photo that showed the sheer crush, a woman, somehow managing to negotiate her way through the largely stationary crowd with some speed, walked straight into my shot.  This picture has always been one of my favourites, but it’s taken a couple of years before I made a final version I was happy with.

60 thoughts on “Face in the Crowd, Covent Garden, London

  1. A great photo because in this immense crowd only one seems to be moving and she immediately draws the attention. Glad she decided to walk into your frame at that moment!

    • Thanks Saigon. It was mostly about processing it in a way that emphasised exactly what you mentioned – all the faces, and then her face standing out. A bit of cropping, a bit of dodging and burning, emphasising the sense of movement, etc.

  2. Simply wonderful JP, great decision to use B&W. The woman in motion sure caught my eye but I really enjoyed viewing all the faces (the one with the man taking a picture made me chuckle).

  3. I like this a lot – great light, and there is this strangeness to the picture, the two persons in the foreground seems to come from a different layer….not sure how to describe it in English….but with that effect I read the rest of the picture as a layer after layer, looking at all the different faces…..

  4. Great capture of the crowd and festive feel of the event. Although, it’s so well captured that it makes me feel claustrophobic just looking at it. I like your post processing and the woman adds a nice motion effect to the image.

  5. What an iconic picture, the movement of the women really adds to the whole composition, you pressed the shutter at the right moment! You black and white treatment is fabulous – what a stunning image!

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