Repost Sunday: Major’s Hill Park

Picture of snowfall on benches, Major's Hill Park, Ottawa, Canda

Snowfall on Benches, Major's Hill Park, Ottawa, Canda

When I started Journey Photographic, I spent the first few weeks uploading my favourite pictures. I though I might beg your indulgence and occasionally re-feature some of these pictures from these early days, now that there are a few more people reading this blog! Clicking on the picture will take you to the original post.

And for those of you who have been here since the beginning – thanks very much for your ongoing support, and I hope you don’t mind seeing a few of these pictures twice!

58 thoughts on “Repost Sunday: Major’s Hill Park

  1. love this! it’s really, really beautiful…
    i don’t know why, and not that i ever see snow, but the somehow the picture evokes sadness in me (something for me to wonder about).

  2. i have my own portfolio of bench photos that I’ve been taking for quite a while and I see the attraction to the subject for photographers. This is very nice.

  3. I think one of the reasons we take photos is so we can revisit the memories. I love the warm tones, to me it looks like a great place to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, I imagine a skating rink just beyond the benches. Thanks for sharing your photos, and your memories.

  4. With pictures like this one, I don’t mind the repost one bit. That is a good idea to do anyway, because like you said, you do have more readers then when you began.
    This is a beautiful image though. How cold was it when you took this?

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