Seascape (III), Florida

Abstract colour picture of the seascape, Florida, USA

Seascape (III), Florida, USA

Here’s another of the Florida Seascape series.

64 thoughts on “Seascape (III), Florida

    • Sitting on a beach, handheld, panning with the motion of the waves. Shutter speed was somewhere around 1/30th – 1/15th (I think – don’t have the EXIF handy), enough to get the sense of motion without smoothing out the texture. The rest was processing – lots and lots of gradients in Lightroom to deepen the natural colours and emphasise the textures.

  1. I really like this. I’ve also been taking more abstract images, something which started a couple of years ago when I shot a series of reflections in the river that runs through the town where I live. Since then I’ve captured a few more reflections, but have also been using zoom effect and intentional camera movement to get some interesting results. So, good to see others doing this too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Mufidah. I love abstract pictures, and the way they can represent the subject while not being a literal interpretation of a scene. I definitely like to create the ‘core’ of the picture in camera, and then work from there if required.

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