Witch Scarers, La Pedrera, Barcelona

Picture of chimneys on the roof of Gaudi's  La Pedrera (Casa Mila), Barcelona, Spain

Witch Scarers, La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain

The many chimneys and air ducts on the roof of Casa Milà, better known as La Pedrera, are apparently known as ‘witch scarers’.  I guess if I was a witch I’d think twice about landing on this roof…

(See more pictures of Gaudi’s architecture on Journey Photographic here)

62 thoughts on “Witch Scarers, La Pedrera, Barcelona

    • I’m not sure if it’s an official name or not, but I’ve seen a few references to them using this name, and it’s such a cool name I’m going to run with it 🙂 It’s a pretty great building, although I think I preferred the interior of Casa Batlló.

  1. I was trying to figure out what kind of sculptures or statues and then I read your description… I would’ve never guess — chimneys. Looks like Santa would have difficult time going down one those. 😉

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