Repost Friday: On the Edge, Giant’s Causeway

Picture of a person standing on the edge of the Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

On the Edge, Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

One more from the archives.  I always think of the person in this picture as the quintessential traveller – backpack, cap, standing on the edge after going as far as he can go.  There are worst things to be!

(See more pictures from the Giant’s Causeway on Journey Photographic here)

92 thoughts on “Repost Friday: On the Edge, Giant’s Causeway

  1. I like the feeling of loneliness this photo creates, and how the dark atmosphere impresses on you a feeling that, like this traveller, you are a tiny, fragile being in a big, untamed world.. 🙂 A very evocative image.

  2. I love this image. The perspective is wonderful, and the textures that lead you to the solitary person. Your comment sets it wonderfully for all of us who have backpacked across nations. 🙂 Great image. Thanks for the re-post!

  3. A photo such as this also makes me think of journeys beyond the physical — although I’m not sure you can have a extended physical journey without also finding out a little more about yourself. Very nice!

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