Bullring (II), Birmingham

Picture of the Selfridges building in the Bullring, Birmingham

Selfridges, Birmingham

The bulbous shape of the Selfridges building in the Birmingham Bullring Shopping centre reminds me of some sort of biotechnically-advanced alien spaceship, hovering over the city centre.

(See more pictures of Birmingham on Journey Photographic here)

61 thoughts on “Bullring (II), Birmingham

  1. I recently went to try and photograph the Selfridges building. I spent an hour in traffic within Birmingham and then got annoyed and left…

    Still, it’s an iconic looking building and you’ve gotten a great capture! Well done 🙂

  2. you have a wonderful way of simplifying your images, yet at the same time the images begs to be studied and looked at for a great length of time. this is a beautiful contrast of textures.

  3. Amazing! I am still struggling to wrap my head around the fact that this is a building. I can’t keep space ship out of my thoughts. As is so often the case with your photographs, this is all about seeing extraordinary light and finding the essence of the subject. Incredible 3D effect with one.

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