Bather, Florida

Picture of bather in the sea, Florida, USA

Bather, Florida, USA

A lone bather ventures out into the sea in Florida, USA.

(See more pictures of Florida on Journey Photographic here)

53 thoughts on “Bather, Florida

  1. That is a wonderful image – you’ve captured the tranquillity of that scene beautifully. The different pastel tones of green and blue are marvellous and your framing is excellent. As Eden already mentioned, the tension between the single cloud and the swimmer is fabulous. Congrats!

  2. the composition is wonderful, one single bather in the lower corner and one single cloud in the upper part of the frame, and all the wonderful shades of blue and green in the middle. i could sit and look at this image for a long time!.

  3. Brilliant photo, the small amount of space devoted to the bather and the large amount of space given to the ocean and sky. Perfectly balanced in a non-balanced way. Lovely work.

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