Repost: Hyde Park, London

Black and white picture of Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park, London

I’ve been to London’s Hyde Park quite a few times now, but I think my favourite picture from there is one of my earliest, looking through the trees of the park down to the Serpentine.

(See more pictures of London on Journey Photographic here)

42 thoughts on “Repost: Hyde Park, London

  1. I often enjoyed Hyde Park on visits to London when I lived in England for three years, so this brought back some good memories. I like the hard contrast of this image and well composed!

  2. This is a beautiful captured and processed black and white photo of Hyde Park. I particularly like the intense reflected light in the background that fades out towards the darker corners. Makes you eyes rest and seek back into the frame. And the stark light from behind really brings out the people walking the park, and brings about a feeling of intimacy and peace.

  3. That is a very atmospheric b&w. I particularly love the reflections on the wet path and the beautiful lighting. The people in the distance give some sense of scale too. Stunning work!

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