Child, Vatican Museums, Rome

Picture of girl taking picture in Vatican Museum hall, Rome, Italy

Child, Vatican Museums, Rome

A child taking a picture somewhere deep in the halls of the Vatican Museums. Come to think of it, I’m fairly certain this picture was taken in the Gallery of Tapestries, a long hall displaying a collection of 15th and 17th century tapestries.

Yes, it’s blurry. No, I don’t care!

(See more pictures of the Vatican on Journey Photographic here)

45 thoughts on “Child, Vatican Museums, Rome

  1. beautiful, and it reminds us that I should be taking photo that we like, not just photos others would like. although i think this will fit into both catagories nicely! happy shooting to you!

  2. A really interesting shot, the movement, the child, the blurriness – love it. Isn’t the Gallery of Tapestries amazing. I would have loved to have spent more time lingering but they really hurry you up through it…

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