American Cemetery, Normandy

Picture of flag lowering ceremony, American Cemetery, Normandy, France

Flag lowering ceremony, American Cemetery, Normandy, France

At 4:30pm each day, the two American flags which fly over the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial are lowered.

(See more pictures from the American Cemetery on Journey Photographic here)

22 thoughts on “American Cemetery, Normandy

  1. It a place I would like to visit one day just to personally get an idea of where the events of D-Day took place. My father landed somewhere in this vicinity after D-Day to join with Patton’s 3rd Army in France as it fought into Germany.

  2. The photo is made even more poignant with the old couple in the background, they appear to be the about the age of my parents and would have known some who had fought in the war, beautiful work!

  3. This is a strong picture. For me what really makes it stand out, is the contrast between the very formal ritual in the foreground and the elderly couple with a more casual appearance in the background. I like that the colours are almost desaturated. A great captured and very well processed.

    • Thanks Munchow. One thing I was struck by was how little attention a lot of the people were paying to the flag folding ritual. It was a very grey, almost monochromatic day, and I wanted the colours in this picture to reflect that.

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