Looking Down (V), USA

Picture of the view from 30,00ft, looking down at the landscape through clouds

Looking Down (V), USA

More from 30,000ft…. the combination of amazing landscape and amazing light made this the most photogenic flight I’ve ever been on.

(See more pictures from 30,000ft on Journey Photographic here)

42 thoughts on “Looking Down (V), USA

    • Sometimes you get lucky – I’ve had times when it wasn’t worth trying, and but just occasionally you get flights where the windows are relatively clean. The angle of the sun makes a big difference too. Most of these pictures are taken through a small part of the window, which is cleaner or more free of glare than the rest.

  1. Beautiful. Is this from airplane window because I never can understand how people get these fantastic pictures. When I’m flying windows are little frozen, dirty and blurry…no way to take any pictures:)
    Have a great weekend

  2. I love your window seat images – and I love getting the widow seat as well, it seems all I have been getting lately is cloud scapes! no lovely landscapes like yours. the world is an inspiring place and your images remind us of that.

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