Power Lines, Mojave Desert VI

Picture of power lines in the mist, Mojave Desert, USA

Power Lines VI, Mojave Desert, USA

Been a while since I posted one of the Power Lines series.  If I’ve done this correctly, clicking on the picture will take you to a bigger version – I know, I don’t normally do that, but you really can’t see the detail in this picture at the embedded size, so I hope you will all forgive me the extra click.

I entered one of these Power Lines pictures into a photography comp a while ago, and I’ll never forget the feedback from the judge: “That would have been a really nice landscape, but it’s pity about the power lines, they spoil a great image.” Hmm.  Apparently the subtle title didn’t give him a clue about the subject of the picture!  Or maybe I’m the only person who find these structures are strangely attractive, an alien army standing sentinel in the desert…

(See more pictures from the Power Lines series on Journey Photographic here)

43 thoughts on “Power Lines, Mojave Desert VI

  1. I personally have enjoyed the “power lines” series. Pity the idiot judge didn’t. This is especially nice.

  2. Good, unconventional landscape, interesting concept and technique – that’s what I do like. Dont worry about judge, they are really good, regards, mc.

  3. I partially agree with that judge… it’s really a nice landscape. I disagree when he says that the power lines spoil the image. The power lines make this image unique and different. They are it’s strength and it’s true beauty.

  4. I love the tones of grey, like others who have commented before me, I like the powerlines! compeition judges sometimes have a particular definition of landscape and cannot “see” beyond it to something a little different, they are not always picking the best picture, but an image that best suits their definition! I say “don’t let someone else define your work!”

  5. I think it should be very obvious what the subject of this image is. Although, I hate those power lines which are around us everywhere, I like your image very much. It emphasizes how they change the appearance of our landscapes.

  6. I’d hang this on my wall. That judge might be lacking a little attention to detail methinks 😉 Then again, photo comps are just as subjective as anything else, so who knows what provoked that comment!

  7. WOW..extraordinarily beautiful. And – who would have thought to find power lines in the desert like this???

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  9. This is brilliant … and as for the judge, he was probably too busy wearing “the emperor’s clothes” to notice how good the power lines looked. 🙂

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