Moon Jellyfish, Scotland

Picture of a Moon Jellyfish, Staffa Island, Scotland

Moon Jellyfish, Staffa Island, Scotland

As soon as we climbed off the boat, we realised the shallow water around Staffa Island, one of the islands in the Inner Hebrides just off the coast of Scotland, was teeming with Moon Jellyfish.  Luckily no one fell in, although the sting of the Moon Jellyfish isn’t dangerous to humans – a severe case is supposed to result in ‘some stinging sensation‘.

Believe it or not, the ‘night sky’ effect in this picture was the result of very little editing – the vibrant colours were all in the original RAW file (albeit more subdued before I boosted the contrast), and the stars are simply sediment which was floating on the water.

(See more pictures from Scotland on Journey Photographic here)

34 thoughts on “Moon Jellyfish, Scotland

  1. That is simply wonderful! You never cease to amaze. Heaps of people have likened jellyfish to spaceships, but you’ve just shown us how it’s done. Great stuff as always JP.

  2. I love that image! I’m guessing it’s seaweed or something below the surface, but it makes the reflected sky look violent!

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