Ellenabeich (Easdale) I, Scotland

Illustrative picture of Ellenabeich (Easdale), Seil Island, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

Ellenabeich (Easdale) I, Slate Islands, Scotland

Ellenabeich is a former slate-mining village on Seil, one of the Slate Islands in the Inner Hebrides.  It is also sometimes called Easdale, which can get a little confusing for unsuspecting tourists, since Easdale itself is a separate island.  Still, regardless of what you call it, it is one of the most picturesque places I’ve ever been fortunate enough to visit.

As you can probably tell, this picture is a combination of multiple photos, layered over one another to create the final picture.  Despite the photoshoppery involved in creating the final version, this picture is 100% a representation of the location – no non-Ellenabeich images were used in the creation of this picture.  (And credit has to go to leannsinclair for reminding me to have another go at creating pictures like this.)

(See more pictures from the Inner Hebrides on Journey Photographic here)

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