Repost: Girl & Guard, Buckingham Palace

Picture of little girl watching the guards at Buckingham Palace, London

Girl & Guard, Buckingham Palace, London

I’ve decided Wednesday is a good day for reposts.  As always, clicking the picture will take you to the original post.

This is an older picture, and technically not perfect, put I still love the way the girl is pressed right up against the fence, staring at the guards – I think this is the instinctive reaction of everyone when they visit Buckingham Palace for the first time – it was certainly mine!

(See more pictures from London on Journey Photographic here)


8 thoughts on “Repost: Girl & Guard, Buckingham Palace

  1. I really like how they’re wearing such similar colors, too… and the shape of her hair seems to mirror the guards hat, too… it’s really fun how easy it is to start to make associations between the different levels in this image… very cool!

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