Repost: Castle Gate, Derry

Black and white picture of group posing on Castle Gate, Derry, Northern Ireland

Castle Gate, Derry, Northern Ireland

I still suspect I sniped this shot after it was staged by another photographer – the pose and position of the group on the top of Castle Gate in Derry is just too perfect!  But I’m not going to complain if people want to set up my shots for me 🙂

In addition to being a good place to pose when you want some dramatic group pictures, the city walls of Derry are one of the city’s more historic claims to fame, as the only remaining complete walled city in Ireland.  It’s also one of the few cities in Europe that never had it’s fortifications breached, leading to the city’s nickname of “the Maiden City” (although our tour guide had some more interesting theories as to the origins and applicability of that nickname!)

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15 thoughts on “Repost: Castle Gate, Derry

  1. This is a really awesome photo. It’s got a certain duality to I really enjoy. The bottom is busy and interesting and the top half is very minimal; it’s like you could crop the thing in two and each could stand on its own. Very well done!

    • That’s one of the things I really like about this picture too – lots of stuff happening below the top of the wall, and then you reach the top and the people and suddenly there’s all this breathing room. Thank you!

  2. we visited Derry a few years ago, it is an amazing city, with an incredible history. Love your images, your view of the world always awakens my sight just a little more; thanks for sharing your work.

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