Sydney Opera House (IV), Australia

Black and white picture of the sails and fans of the roof of the Sydney Opera House, Australia

Fans, Sydney Opera House

The roof of the Sydney Opera House is generally referred to as a series of shells, but I think they look as much like a dancer’s fan as a sea shell – or perhaps I’ve just been looking at too many pictures of Flamenco dancers!

You may have noticed that Journey Photographic has had a facelift – the first significant change of design since it started.  Check it out and let me know what you think, especially if you find any issues with the new layout.

(See more pictures from Sydney on Journey Photographic here)

28 thoughts on “Sydney Opera House (IV), Australia

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  2. Great photo of this outstanding building, a dream came true for me last year when I finally got to see the building – and photographed it 🙂
    I like your new design – I have not changed mine since i began blogging almost 3 years ago – but I might take the leap soon …..

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