Book: Impressions of Scotland

Finally finished! Every good holiday needs the obligatory photobook to document the experience, so here’s mine. It only took about 3 months… in my defence, I had a lot of photos to go through! (Don’t ask me about the book for the Spain trip…)

Some of these pictures have been featured on the blog before, and more will be in the future. Still, if you want a chance to flick through the set (or you want a chance to own your very own book), check out the link above and let me know what you think.

ETA: Now with added ebook version! All the same content as the hardcover, only in a convenient electron-based format! (iPad compatible)

23 thoughts on “Book: Impressions of Scotland

  1. Awesome book – didn’t look at all of it – but what a job. I have just done 3 weeks of Ireland (not north) ended up with 1180 pictures – taking it bit by bit now. I am pretty sure I won’t make it in 4 months.

    • Thanks Louis. Post-holiday photo editing is definitely a marathon, not a sprint – I’m sure in my attempt to get this completed (relatively) quickly I’ve missed some shots I would have liked to include, but that was offset by the fact that my holiday companions wanted their book!

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