Rosetta (I), British Museum

Picture of reflection of woman looking at the Rosetta Stone, British Museum, London

Rosetta (I), British Museum, London

Personally, the highlight of the British Museum has got to be the Rosetta Stone.  It’s also their most visited item.  As I watched the hordes press up against the glass, waiting to see if I’d ever be able to take a clear picture without having to muscle my way to the front, I was struck by the reflections created as people lent forward to peer at the inscription, and a new photographic project was born. Now I just need to get back there and finish it…

In this particular picture, I love the way her face seems to be a hologram trapped in the stone – I’m sure there’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

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36 thoughts on “Rosetta (I), British Museum

  1. Like it ! Nice to turn round a situation to ones advantage 😉
    Thats the problem with museums and galleries – way too many people when I visit too !!
    Seriously – I think it’s fantastic many now here in UK are ‘voluntary’ donations, many therefore can enjoy such ‘Treasures’ as you have shown.

    • I love the museum system in the UK, for exactly the reasons you’ve given. Yes, it does mean a lot of people around when I want to take pictures :), but it’s great that everyone has the opportunity to see these things for themselves (as long as they can get to London, that is).

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