Fingal’s Cave (II), Staffa, Scotland

Picture of the colours and columns of Fingal's Cave, Staffa, Scotland

Fingal’s Cave (II), Staffa, Scotland

I had expected to be impressed by the hexagonal basalt columns which make up Fingal’s Cave (and the rest of Staffa Island) but, once I let my eyes adjust to the dark of the interior of the cave, the jewel-like colours of the rocks and the water were an unexpected delight.

(See more pictures from the Inner Hebrides on Journey Photographic here)

27 thoughts on “Fingal’s Cave (II), Staffa, Scotland

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  2. Glorious! Looks like you got a calm day. The only time I’ve tried to visit Staffa, they wouldn’t dock the boat ‘cos the sea was far too choppy. Many of those on board had parted with breakfast, already!

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