Peeking Puffin, Scotland

Picture of Puffin peeking out from pink flowers, Lunga, Scotland

Peeking Puffin (Puffins IV), Lunga Island, Scotland

We’ve had pictures of Expectant Puffins, Kissing Puffins, and Patient Puffin – now it’s time for Peeking Puffin!  I had to wait a while for a Puffin to come and pose in between the clumps of flowers, but I think the end result was worth the wait.

On a Puffin-related note, I am pleased to announce that, in a rare bout of organisation, I have finished the Journey Photographic 2013 calendars!  This year there’s two to chose from – a Scotland Calender, featuring Monday’s picture of Fingal’s Cave on the cover, and a special Puffin Calendar, for those looking for a cute Puffin fix all year round. You can check them out on Redbubble (which I highly recommend, BTW – their calendars are top quality).

23 thoughts on “Peeking Puffin, Scotland

  1. Puffins are seriously cute birds! We saw plenty of them in Iceland. They are extremely funny to watch (or maybe that’s just me!)

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