Fairytale, Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Picture of fairytale castle and fountain, Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland

Fairytale, Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

Dunrobin Castle, in Sutherland, Scotland, may date back to the Middle Ages, but most of its present fairytale appearance is due to a complete remodel in 1845 by Sir Charles Barry.  Barry was also remodelling Trafalgar Square and the Palace of Westminster (otherwise known as the Houses of Parliament) at around the same time, which must have kept him busy!

On that note, I’ve decided that Journey Photographic will be dropping back to weekly posts between now and Christmas – I might not be remodelling a castle, a palace and major public landmark at the same time, but with the end of year rush, it sure feels like it right now! For the time being, posts will be going up every Monday; your regular 3-Posts-A-Week schedule will return in the new year.

20 thoughts on “Fairytale, Dunrobin Castle, Scotland

    • Thanks Pedro. The processing was the result of an argument between my sister and me – I originally wanted this to be black and white, she vehemently argued for colour, and eventually she proposed a muted version, which is now my favourite 🙂

  1. This is very beautiful – looks like something from a children’s fairytale book! I love the desaturated tones incredibly and the little splash of purple really adds to the magical atmosphere. Many compliments!

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