Pentland Firth, Scotland

Landscape picture of Pentland Firth, with Stroma Lighthouse in the background, Scotland

Crossing Pentland Firth, Scotland

This picture was taken crossing the Pentland Firth, on our way back from the Orkney Islands.  The curious flat pools of water in the foreground are evidence of the Firth’s notorious tidal races, some of the fastest in the world – in fact, the tiny lighthouse in the distance was placed there to warn sailors of the particularly violent Swilkie tidal race and  whirlpool off the tip of Stroma island.

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17 thoughts on “Pentland Firth, Scotland

  1. I wasn’t familiar with the sense of race as ‘a strong or swift current of water’, so it’s good to see a picture of it as well as read what the dictionary says. I like the way the orange band cuts across an otherwise unbroken field of gray.

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