Wedding Photography, New York

Black and white picture of couple having wedding photos in front of Manhattan Skyline, New York

Wedding Photography, New York

Here’s one of my favourite pictures from New York – while on the night tourist bus, we came across this couple getting their wedding pictures taken in front of the iconic Manhattan skyline.  As far as I’m concerned, this picture alone made sitting out in the freezing open air section of the bus worthwhile – there’s no way I could have taken this through the cracked and stained plexiglass that surrounded the covered (but heated) section.  It also confirmed my belief that it is possible to get good pictures from the top of a tourist bus!

22 thoughts on “Wedding Photography, New York

  1. Last year I attended a nephew’s wedding in Liberty Park, New Jersey. The location is popular because it provides views of, and wedding photographs with, the lower Manhattan skyline across the Hudson. Usually those photographs don’t include the wedding photographer, an element that makes your picture unique.

    • I can see why these sorts of locations would be popular for wedding pictures, what a backdrop!

      I don’t think I would like this picture half as much without the point of focus of the photographer – without it, it would feel like I was just taking a picture someone else set up. With him, this is a combination of elements which hasn’t been set up to be a photo, but just came together in the moment. (Guess it’s obvious I’m not a studio photographer!)

  2. You couldn’t have made this up – it all looks so beautifully surreal. I agree that having the photographer as the subject is quite intriguing – you wonder what he might be thinking.

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