Great Court, British Museum

Picture of people looking down into the Great Court, British Museum, London

Great Court, British Museum

Peering over the edge, this couple provided a subtle hint of colour against the pale architecture of the British Museum’s Queen Elizabeth II Great Court.  The Great Court is an interesting combination of modern and traditional architecture, further emphasised by the slightly odd combination of uses of the Great Court itself, with historical sculptures dotted among the cafe servery and benches, shop displays, and pedestrian traffic moving between the various exhibition halls.

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16 thoughts on “Great Court, British Museum

  1. It always surprises me how few restrictions there are on photography in places like this. This is perfectly composed image including this couple. Well spotted.

    • Yeah, I know – I spent hours photographing a couple of exhibits/places, and got no flack from the security types at all. Of course, the likelihood of me going to a museum is directly proportional to how much they tolerate photography….

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