Back Alley Business, Hong Kong

Street picture of people doing business in alley shop, Central, Hong Kong

Back Alley Business, Central, Hong Kong

Wandering through the back streets of the Central district, Hong Kong, we came across these folks doing business out of a compact, one-person-deep shopfront, packed to overflowing with supplies.

(See more pictures from Hong Kong on Journey Photographic here)

13 thoughts on “Back Alley Business, Hong Kong

  1. Beautifully done. If Norman Rockwell had been in Hong Kong this could have been a painting of his – the ordinariness, the figures and the detail all taken in. Are they printers? Pretty amazing to create a business in such a tight space.

  2. beautifully photograph, you seem to have captured the detail, and the organization, and efficiency of the business. While every inch is filled with detail it doesn’t feel cluttered or chaotic. Lovely work once again. thanks for showing us a new way looking at our world.

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