Looking Down (VII), USA

Aerial landscape picture of the South West desert of the USA from 30000ft

Looking Down (VII) (the view from a plane), USA

Aerial photography on a scheduled commercial flight must be one of the most frustrating photographic pursuits.  You have no control over the subject, the time of day, or the perspective, shooting though tiny panes of thick, dirty plastic at a target that is constantly moving underneath you… when you think about it, getting any decent pictures at all is an indication of just how amazing our planet really is, when viewed from 30,000ft.

(See more aerial pictures from 30,000ft on Journey Photographic here)

6 thoughts on “Looking Down (VII), USA

  1. Wow. I had always assumed your aerial photos were from a light aircraft or other non-commercial flight. I’m amazed you can shoot such photos through commercial aircraft windows.

    ~ Pharaoh

    • Nope – pretty much all from commercial jets (a couple of the outback ones where from helicopters). It can be done, you just need to know how to deal with the contrast and colour distortion issues (and get a relatively clear window, or at least one with clear patches!)

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