Empire State Cityscape, New York

Urban landscape picture looking from the Top of the Rock towards the Empire State Building, New York, USA

Empire State, New York

One of the most difficult decisions of my recent trip to New York was choosing between the viewing platforms of the Rockefeller Centre and the Empire State Building – in the end, I decided no cityscape of New York was complete without the iconic Empire State, and headed up to the Top of the Rock.

The completely open top viewing platform of the “Top of the Rock’ was closed due to extremely high winds (even through the mostly-enclosed lower levels, you felt in danger of being blown away by particularly strong gusts), but by wedging the camera lens into the gaps between the barriers on the lower levels, it was possible to get clear shots obscured by the plexiglass shields.  And yes, this did involved having to go right to the edge – far to close for my comfort, but these are the thing we do to get pictures!

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14 thoughts on “Empire State Cityscape, New York

  1. I definitely understand your decision-making evaluation! As nice as it would have been to say you’ve been up the Empire State Building, you can’t look out at it if you’re standing on top of it!

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