Rocky Mountains through Clouds, Colorado, USA

Black and white aerial landscape picture of Rocky Mountains through clouds, Colorado, USA

Rocky Mountains through the clouds, Colorado, USA

One of my problems when taking pictures from a commercial flight is figuring out afterwards exactly what I’ve taken a picture of, especially if I’m not familiar with the location.  In this case, a quick look at the flight tracker and google maps showed my flight only crossed one significant mountain range, so I feel confident declaring this is a picture of the Rocky Mountains – more exactly, part of the Southern Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

I could see the thick clouds settled over the mountains as we approached, so didn’t hold out much hope of getting any pictures – I was pleasantly surprised to find some photogenically located gaps in the clouds as we passed over!

(See more aerial pictures on Journey Photographic)

8 thoughts on “Rocky Mountains through Clouds, Colorado, USA

  1. Great shot. I have the same problem on road trips, sometimes I cover up to 1000 miles in a day and have a hard time remembering locations more detailed than the state I was in…

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