Lowering Sails, Liberty Clipper, Boston

Picture of sailor lowering sails, Liberty Clipper, Boston

Lowering Sails, Liberty Clipper, Boston

I was in the US for the 4th of July, so took the opportunity connect with some American history and headed out on a USS Constitution Turnaround Sail on one of the Liberty Fleet Tall Ships.  Not only was this something I’d never done before, it also gave me the opportunity to try out my brand new 5D Mark III, the replacement for my poor dying 7D.  Luckily most of the controls are similar to my old camera, so it didn’t take too long to get back into the swing of things!

As for the sail itself, it was a lot of fun. Highly recommended, especially for photographers.

28 thoughts on “Lowering Sails, Liberty Clipper, Boston

  1. That is totally something I would like to do. Both being in the USA for the 4th of July (I would have been in DC if my 90 days hadn’t run out a couple of days before, dammit) and sailing on a tall ship. Excellent capture of the crew taking in the sails. It’s not a perspective I’ve seen before, so much appreciation for it :).

  2. Very creative composition and POV. Don’t forget to protect your eyes when looking into the sun. Sunburned eyes are painful. Learned the hard way by trying to capture too many sun flares.

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  4. I just covered a story on the El Galeon in St. Augustine. I was able to capture some great photos of this remarkable replica of a 450-500 yr old Galeon ship. This replica sailed here from Spain and will be in NYC soon. I won’t be posting the story for a couple weeks as my trip has me eyeball deep in stories, but stay in touch. Maybe you will appreciate it as much as I appreciate your beautiful shot here.

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