Tying Lines, Liberty Clipper, Boston

Picture of tiring off lines near bell and life ring on sailing ship, Liberty Clipper, Boston, USA

Tying Lines, Liberty Clipper, Boston

I don’t normally post many pictures of the same subject one after the other – I would hate for you all to get bored! – but I got a special request to put up more pictures from my sail on the Liberty Clipper, and so I’m going to break that ‘rule’ today. This picture is for you, Dad!

Photographically speaking, the lens flare in this shot was unintentional (in contrast to the deliberate flare of the previous sailing picture), but I quite like the effect and the way it is contained to the bell.

15 thoughts on “Tying Lines, Liberty Clipper, Boston

  1. I went for a ride on the Leeuwin II in Perth, and also visited the Endeavour when I went to the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney – this shot reminds me very much of both those brief visits. I so so so so want to crew on a tall ship one day, it’s on my list of must do things

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