Captain, Schooner Woodwind, Annapolis

Black and white portrait picture of the Captain of the Schooner Woodwind, Annapolis

The captain of the schooner Woodwind, Annapolis

When I was told we would be going on a sailing cruise as a teambuilding exercise, I was skeptical – I’ve enjoyed sailing before, but not when the forecast for the day was cold and rainy.  The weather forecast turned out to be right, but thankfully I was not – the cruise was ridiculously fun, even though we spent most of the trip hanging on and tilted at 45 degrees to the water (or more).  This is the Captain of the schooner Woodwind (who I highly recommend, for the record).

You can see more sailing pictures on Journey Photographic here.

14 thoughts on “Captain, Schooner Woodwind, Annapolis

    • Nothing like a black and white conversion to add some oomph to dull skies, although in this case, even the conversion still seems to lack a little punch to me – I’ll keep working on it, I think.

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