Anhinga in Swamp, Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina

Black and white landscape picture of Anhinga (snake bird) stretching his wings in the swamp at Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina

Anhinga (snake bird) in swamp, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, South Carolina

As we wandered through the rather impressive gardens of Magnolia Plantation, we spotted this bird stretched out and airing his wings.  Despite being a water bird, the Anhinga (also known snake bird) doesn’t have properly waterproofed feathers, so needs to periodically dry its feathers to avoid getting waterlogged.  Luckily for passing photographers such as myself, this bird chose a particularly photogenic spot to stretch his wings – although I did come a little close to falling in the swamp while trying to get the framing I wanted!

42 thoughts on “Anhinga in Swamp, Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina

    • Thank you! It really does feel like a magical garden.

      And sort of – no matter how I converted it to black and white, the Spanish moss in the foreground was so pale it looked infrared-ish, so I used an infrared conversation on the rest to make the picture hang together better.

  1. beautiful black and white image, it has a dream-like quality.
    Photographers will do just about anything for just the right composition, as long as we don’t get the camera wet all is well…..

  2. Fascinating use of light and shadow. The central highlights are very reminiscent of infrared photography, dream- and ghostlike. The black silhouette of the anhinga stands out of that background quite strikingly. This is an exquisite mood that you’ve created. -Gary

    • Thanks Gary. I liked the ‘dream-like’ness of the spanish moss when I converted this to black and white so much that I decided to process the rest of the picture to match, so glad this works for you!

  3. Very beautiful indeed, and good opportunity siezed with the bird holding that position. It als had just the right amount of contrast for that space. Very nice composition.

    Ever since I saw Clyde Butcher’s large format work in the Florida Everglades, I’ve wanted to shoot the swamplands of America.

    • Thank you! Clyde Butcher’s work is pretty amazing. And after just spending a couple of hours shooting in a much more controlled version of a similar environment, I admire him even more – I don’t think I appreciated fully how challenging this type of landscape is, as it’s not something I’d ever experienced before.

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