Fallen Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

Landscape picture of floating cherry blossoms, Washington DC

Fallen Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

So, you (and the rest of DC) are out walking along the Tidal Basin on a beautiful spring evening, enjoying the peak bloom of the cherry blossoms.  What’s the appropriate photographic response?  Why, try and create the darkest and moodiest picture you can, of course!

Or, in other words, the hordes of tourists (of which I fully admit I was one) kept getting in the way, so I resorted to taking pictures of the blossoms in the one place they weren’t overwhelmed by people – in the water.  The sun was just about down when I took this picture, and the low light reflecting off the water has created an interesting metallic effect which I quite like.

26 thoughts on “Fallen Cherry Blossoms, Washington DC

  1. Being forced to change our photographic plans is a great way of releasing our creativity 🙂 The light on the ripples is fantastic and your inclusion of that lone blossom was a master stroke!

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