Yellow House, Old Town Alexandria

Picture of the reflection of a woman going home to yellow house, Old Town, Alexandria

Yellow House, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

For my first snowstorm in DC, I headed out to photograph the Jefferson Memorial; for the second, I wandered the streets of Old Town, Alexandria, looking for interesting scenes and moments in the semi-deserted streets.

19 thoughts on “Yellow House, Old Town Alexandria

  1. I was going to ask if you’d taken this through a window, but your first commenter beat me to it 🙂

    Hey, if you don’t already know about Strata Collective, you might be interested to check them out:

    They’re a collective of street shooters based mostly in DC. I met 3 or 4 of them last summer and hung around with them for a couple of weeks. They’re a great bunch of guys and fun to shoot with.

    • Great minds 🙂

      No, I wasn’t familar with them, thanks for the link! I haven’t done much street shooting recently, and really should get back into it. How did you get in touch with them – through their website?

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