Pentland Firth, Scotland

Black and white picture of pentland firth and lighthouse, Orkney Islands, Scotland

Pentland Firth, Scotland

I’ve been told the Memorial Day weekend is considered to mark the start of summer here in the US.  As someone who is a much bigger fan of cool weather rather than hot, I thought I would kick the weekend off in style with the moodiest and most non-summery picture I could put my hands on – the Pentland Firth, the strait between Scotland and the Orkney Islands.

27 thoughts on “Pentland Firth, Scotland

  1. I so agree, summer is too hot where I live. I am a gloomy skies, fleece wearing kind of gal. Beautiful photograph! What is, what looks like, falling out of the parted sky in the upper left third of the image? Birds perhaps? Or just a lucky capture?

  2. Very nice image. While I enjoy the cool of the fall, after the winter we had here in the Great State of New Jersey…I’m ready for summer!

    • Thank you. To be fair, I suspect my fondness for winter has something to do with living in places were it actually doesn’t get that cold – I might change my tune if you put me somewhere colder.

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