The Great Escape, Covent Garden, London

Picture of busker in Covent Garden, London

The Great Escape, Covent Garden, London

One of the most interesting parts of watching the buskers at Covent Garden is the way they drum up crowds for their performances – the ebb and flow of the crowd means each act starts from nothing, trying to attract the attention of passers-by long enough to build an audience, but careful to not to give too much away until the crowd has reached critical (and profitable) mass.


13 thoughts on “The Great Escape, Covent Garden, London

      • I’m thinking the same thing about London. Oh gosh no, I’ve barely been anywhere in the scheme of things. I’m not much of a 65 countries in 7 weeks kinda person. 1 country a year (if that) is more my speed. Wish they were more generous with tourist visas around the world!

        Just gotta figure out how to do London on a budget, Bucket list. One day!

        • Unfortunately, ‘London’ and ‘budget’ are two words that just don’t seem to go together – except sometimes in the company of the word ‘blown’!

          I’ve never been in the position of running out a tourist visa, but I would love to make the opportunity to travel like that some day…

          • Or “big” and its synonyms, yes, so I’ve heard from absolutely everyone (although this is also happening to me in Perth, sigh!). I’m convinced there’s a secret to existing in London on a budget somewhat more padded than the one I have right now, but nothing too extravagant…one day!

            On hitting visa limits: Until last year, it was “I’m NEVER going to see Europe.” Last year “damn, why can’t i stay more than 90 days in Europe?” This year “Ooooh, with some planning I can stay up to 180 days.”

            A rather nice problem to have, i gotta say!

            • I think the secret is to find someone you know in London, and wrangle an invite!

              It only seems like a few years ago that I thought any overseas travel was something that happened for ‘the other half’, and now I’m living overseas – so while I’m ridiculously jealous of your freedom and time in Europe, I guess I can’t complain either 🙂

              • Ha! A kindred spirt 🙂 We’re living the dream!

                18 months into gypsy living, I still find it hard to do, not only for the budget, but for a hermit, the lack of privacy (80% of the time) is very uncomfortable. But the upsides make up for it. If nothing else, I secretly feel like I’m someone from the Famous Five. Just, you know… older and not quite as athletic 🙂 But just as gleeful. Hehehe

                • From now on, I’m going to have to call you George 🙂 I expect to see pictures from a smugglers cave!

                  I hadn’t thought about the privacy issue, but yes, I would have a lot of difficulty with that too. That, and the fact that I have a tendency to accumulate too much stuff 🙂

                  • I spent many years wishing I was a George (sometimes I still do) 🙂 Will keep you posted re smugglers cave. I’d love a Timmy, but it’d be hard to do this gypsy thing with a dog

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