How to be a Photographer

No picture today, sorry – for some reason, my computer is completely refusing to open lightroom today.  Instead, I bring you a link to a wonderful letter, written by Magnum photographer Sergio Larrain to his nephew, on how to be a photographer.

Photograph the way you like it. Don’t believe in anything but your taste, you are life and it’s life that chooses… You are the only criterion. Keep learning. …The conventional world puts a veil over your eyes, it’s a matter of taking it off during your time as a photographer.

This letter was written in 1982, but every word is as relevant today as it was then.  Seriously, take 5 minutes and read this.

23 thoughts on “How to be a Photographer

    • Sometimes I think that everyone focuses too much on taking the picture other people think they should take, instead of what they actually want to take. It’s nice to be reminded once in a while that photography should be able your perspective of the world, and not someone else’s.

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