Drumming and Dancing, Canberra, Australia

Black and white picture of buskers drumming and lady dancing, Canberra, Australia

Drumming and Dancing, Canberra, Australia

One of the reasons I love photographing buskers and street performers is the audience reactions, or in this case, participation.  This drumming group was entertaining the crowd at the National Multicultural Festival, when a lady in the audience decided to kick off her shoes and dance, much to the delight of both the drummers and the audience.

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Riding into the Sky, Bowral

Picture of hacking class, bowral horse show, New South Wales

Riding into the Sky, Bowral, New South Wales

Hacking classes at the Bowral show are held out in a paddock, with no seating for spectators.  Unless you bring your own seat, you’re on the ground – which can lead to some opportunities for interesting angles in your pictures.

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Children, Enlighten, Canberra

Picture of kids playing in spotlight, Enlighten, Canberra, Australia

Children, Enlighten Festival, Canberra, Australia

Canberra’s Enlighten Festival lights up the public buildings of the city with projected artworks and bright patterns, but these children were more interested in playing in front of the giant spotlights set up to sweep across the sky.

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Red Rock and Tree, Uluru

Landscape picture of gum tree and red rock, Uluru, Central Australia

Red Rock and Tree, Uluru, Central Australia

Uluru is noted for the changing colours of the rock, depending on light and the time of day.  Regardless of colour, the texture remains constant – rough and weathered.

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