Flat Chat Dog Race, Bungendore Show

Picture of the Flat Chat Dog Race, Bungendore Show, Australia

Flat Chat Dog Race, Bungendore Show, Australia

We headed out to the Bungendore Show this weekend, as part of an ongoing project to photograph Australian country shows.  This picture was taken at the finish line of the Flat Chat Dog Race, one of the day’s headline events.

Eli, National Zoo and Aquarium, Canberra

Black and white portrait of Eli at the National Zoo and Aquarium, Canberra

Eli at the National Zoo and Aquarium, Canberra

My nephew Eli is the perfect portrait subject, completely unselfconscious and relaxed in front of the lens – as long as I can convince him he doesn’t want to play with the camera!  Luckily, on this occasion the fish at the National Zoo and Aquarium were far more interesting than me, and we ended up with this picture to commemorate one of his rare moments of stillness 🙂

Eli and Fountain

Picture of Eli playing in water fountain

Eli and Fountain

I don’t do much portrait photography, but my nephew Eli is the exception to this rule.  This picture was taken not that long ago, as he discovered the joy of playing in the fountain of a local park.  When my sister decided it was about time that Eli made his debut on Journey Photographic, I knew this picture had to be first off the ranks.

(I’m not 100% sure he was supposed to be playing in the fountain, but if the garden designers didn’t want that, they shouldn’t have made it so tempting!)

Go-Karting, Australia

Picture of a go kart with speed blur, Canberra, Australia

Go Karting, Australia

Here’s a post just to prove I do occasionally stretch my photographic wings and do something other than travel-related photography.  A friend celebrated her birthday recently with a Go-Kart party, and, as the official photographer for the event, I seized the opportunity to practice my panning skills.  There were a lot of misses, but a few shots turned out OK.