Landscape at 30,000 ft, II

Picture of a cloud landscape at 30,000 ft

Landscape at 30,000 ft

Annnnd, we’re back!  Sorry about the silence – turns out it’s hard to update when broken keyboards and temperamental internet connections conspire against you.  On the plus side, I got to see some pretty impressive cloud formations doing their best impression of an alien fairytale landscape, which made for a nice few hours of plane-based photography.

I’m still getting caught up on the internet, so please bear with me if I don’t get to your blogs for a couple of days.

Blasket Islands, Ireland

Picture of the Blasket Islands, Ireland, Impressionist-Style

Blasket Islands, Ireland

When you are taking pictures on a small boat, in fairly choppy seas where the Atlantic Ocean meets Europe, you can expect some blurry pictures.  And every so often, you get a happy accident 🙂

No, the original wasn’t this blurry – in fact, at the size I post things on the blog it probably would have passed as sharp – but I could see the hints of something interesting and decided to run with it.  Let’s just say this is another of those inspired by Impressionism pictures.  (It also looks a lot better on a black background, but since that isn’t something I can do on this blog you’ll just have to trust me on that one.)

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Flamenco (Sturt’s Desert Pea)

Abstract macro picture of Sturt's Desert Pea, Botanic Gardens, Canberra

Flamenco (Jan 2011)

A Flamenco dancer (or a Sturt’s Desert Pea) swirls its skirts.

My christmas present to myself was a shiny new macro lens (Tamron 90mm). Today I took it for a test drive at the Australian National Botanic Gardens and put it through its paces.  Not bad 🙂

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