Flamenco (XIV), Spain

Black and white picture of flamenco dancer and guitar players, Madrid, Spain

Flamenco, Madrid, Spain

Here’s another picture from the archives that I could have sworn I’d posted here before, this time from the Flamenco series.  While the flamboyant dancers commanded a lot of attention (especially for a photographer!), the guitar players at the back of the stage were equally impressive, albeit in a more subdued fashion.

Rooftop Warriors (IV), La Pedrera, Barcelona

Pictures of witchscarers on the roof of Gaudi's Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

Rooftop Warriors (IV), La Pedrera, Barcelona

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything from Spain, so here’s a picture of one of my favourite Barcelona subjects – the ‘Witchscarers’ of Gaudi‘s Casa Milà (also known as La Pedrera).  Looking at these imposing, austere figures it’s easy to understand why poet Pere Gimferrer called the roof of La Pedrera “the garden of warriors”.

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Door, Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain

Picture of external door in the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain

Door, Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain

While the Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba is famous for its intricate interior, with a Catholic Cathedral nested inside an old Islamic Mosque, the doors dotted around its outside walls harken back very clearly to the original owners of the building.

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Pipe Organ, Segovia Cathedral, Spain

Picture of organist playing the pipe organ, Segovia Cathedral, Spain

Organist and Pipe Organ, Segovia Cathedral

When we visited the Segovia Cathedral, we were lucky enough to to hear this gentleman practicing on the cathedral’s pipe organ.  I’m not sure I would have the self-confidence to play an instrument that required me to practice in front of hundreds of tourists, but perhaps that’s why I’m not a professional musician!

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