Spanish Moss, Charleston

Black and white landscape picture of Spanish Moss, Charleston, South Carolina

Spanish Moss, Charleston, South Carolina

One of my main photographic goals for my trip to Charleston was to photograph the iconic Spanish moss. These trees were so heavily laden with moss I couldn’t help thinking of the cobweb-coated trees from The Hobbit, but thankfully there were no giant spiders lurking in the shadows.

(And for your fun trivia fact of the day, it turns out Spanish moss isn’t actually a moss, but  belongs to the same family of plants as pineapples (bromeliads).  Guess it goes to show appearances can be deceiving…)

Cloud Banks and River, USA

Black and white aerial landscape picture of clouds and river, USA

Cloud Banks and River, USA

On a recent flight, I amused myself taking pictures of the thick cloud cover that dominated the sky, hoping that the directional top lighting would make for some dramatic contrast and interesting cloud studies.  And then the thick cloud cover parted just long enough for a small patch of sunlight to fall on a forking section of river below – serendipity at its finest!

You can see more aerial pictures on Journey Photographic here.

Garden Through Glass, Arlington

Landscape picture of garden and trees through distorted galss window, Arlington Cemetery, Arlington

Garden Through Glass, Arlington Cemetery

Arlington House (now the Robert E Lee Memorial) in Arlington Cemetery has some undisputedly beautiful, although sombre, views.  For the most part, you can enjoy these views without consideration of the aged glass you are looking through, but there is one panel in a rear window which, either due to age or some fundamental flaw in the glass, creates the most fantastical distortions of the surrounding woods.

Into the Sun, Charleston, South Carolina

Picture of girl sailing in the sun, Charleston, South Carolina

Into the Sun, Sailing, South Carolina

For Memorial Day itself, here is a more summery picture than my last, this time from our recent sunset sailing cruise in Charleston, SC. Besides offering some nice photographic opportunities to expand my growing collection of sailing pictures, it was a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

Log and Reflections, Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina

Landscape picture of log and reflections, Magnolia Plantation, South Carolina

Log and Reflections, Magnolia Plantation

I skipped the tour of the house of Magnolia Plantation to spend more time exploring the gardens.  I’m very glad I did, or I would have never stumbled across this enchanting scene.